Features That We Offer With Extra Care.

  • Multicurrency System with automatic conversation update
  • Differenct currency for Clients, Suppliers and Rates
  • Automatic Invoice creation in base of dynamic periods
  • Automatic Invoice Email to customers
  • Automatic Rate notifications to clients - Tech Prefix or Quality based
  • Dynamic Rate notifications Templates
  • Automatic Rates Import from configured email inbox
  • Unlimited Trunk creation for each customers and suppliers
  • Copy of created Trunk for fast creation
  • Unlimited Routing creation for customers
  • Unlimited Dialplan creation
  • Multiple Reports with filters
  • First system to manage ports and cps in base of destinations in dialplan
  • Automtic paypal payments
  • Paypal Approvement payments
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Wait! There's more...

  • Enable/Disable Paypal payments for different users
  • Prepaid invoice creation while adding payments
  • Multiple User level creation
  • Unlimited Agents who manage their clients (same as resellers)
  • Automatic Agent Profit calculation in base if percentage given to agent
  • Automatic SIP - Trace for each calls (PCAP)
  • Automatic Media - Trace for each calls (Media - PCAP)
  • Automatic information for MOS/Jitter and packet loss
  • Full Rtpproxy and RtpEngine(for transcoding perpouse) support
  • Full Kamailio Based SBC
  • High performance on call processing
  • Huge CPS proccessing
  • Different Cache for system optimization and fast response
  • Real Time ASR / ACD Calculation for clients / suppliers
  • Real Time Profit Calculation for clients
  • Overall System CPS calculation
  • RegExp for dialplan creation
  • BCC account for emails while sending Rate Notifications or Invoices
  • Automatic Low Balance notifications
  • Automatic Daily/Monthly Revenue / Cost and Profit

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