Features That We Offer With Extra Care.

  • Multicurrency System with automatic conversation update
  • Differenct currency for Clients, Suppliers and Rates
  • Automatic Invoice creation in base of dynamic periods
  • Automatic Invoice Email to customers
  • Automatic Rate notifications to clients - Tech Prefix or Quality based
  • Dynamic Rate notifications Templates
  • Automatic Rates Import from configured email inbox
  • Unlimited Trunk creation for each customers and suppliers
  • Copy of created Trunk for fast creation
  • Unlimited Routing creation for customers
  • Unlimited Dialplan creation
  • Multiple Reports with filters
  • First system to manage ports and cps in base of destinations in dialplan
  • Automtic paypal payments
  • Paypal Approvement payments
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Multicurrency support for Clients, Vendors and Rates

The system gives you the opportunity to create the Rates, Clients and Suppliers in base of different currencies. This means that if you have an EUR currency client, you can open in EUR, if USD you can in USD and the system will create automatic conversation of currency, including cost, sell and margin.


Automatic invoice generator for dynamic periods

This feature will give you the options to generate invoice per client base. This mean that when you will create a new user, you can set how the invoice will be generated. It can be set Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or a Custom period to generate the invoice. All the invoice are generated automatically and there will be the option to review the invoice before sending it to client. Also, creating templates for Invoice has never been such simpler that we have implemented it.


Automatic prepaid invoice generating

Mostly switches in market, does not give the opportunity to generate Prepaid Invoice – Automatically. There is an option that you will generate invoice for prepaid clients and it will be as Prepaid VoIP Credit.
In the moment that the payment will be added, the invoice will be generated immediately from system, always in automatic and you will never miss an invoice to create for each client.


Automatic email invoices

While the review of invoice for each clients has been finish, you can set the invoice ready to sent which means that the system will sent automatically the invoice to the clients.


Automatic low balance notifications

This feature gives you the opportunity to set an email reminder regarding balance for each clients. You will have to set how much remaining credit is left to sent the email of low balance. The system will do it all in automatic.


Automatic rate notifications

This is a feature which is missing in mostly switches, but you can get and use it in our system. This feature will create Automatic task for sending the rates for clients to the clients. While you will upload the rates for a client or you will change a price, you will get a task in the Rate Notification tab that you can set to sent the Rate Notification. The system will generate automatically the Excel file for client in base of Trunk / Tech Prefix that the client have. The system will sent the rate automatically without the need to create manually the rate notification file. The email to sent the rate notification is set during account setup.


Automatic rate import for providers

This feature will give you the opportunity to make Automatic Upload of Supplier Rates. This means that we will setup the email that you will receive the Rates from Supplier and in base of static templates, you can get the rates automatically uploaded in the system. Mostly a missing feature from other switches.


Surcharge protection (EEA)

While working on European destinations, there is an option called Surcharge in base of A-Numbers. If you will sent calls to vendor Non EU A-Numbers, you will get the surcharge in price. We have added the protection of Surcharge that we will filter A-Numbers and calls that are no EU A-Numbers.


Dynamic dial plan creation

For a call to be completed, you will need a dial plan. Our system will give the opportunity to create unlimited dial plans with unlimited wonderful features added in dial plan creation.


Calls and cps limit for providers in dial plan

Dial plans are the destinations that you will created to sent at. While suppliers gateways are added in dial plan, different suppliers will give different call capacity and call per second (cps) in base of destination. Such feature will help to manage the traffic in base of destinations that supplier is giving.
Supplier A is selling 2 destinations only : USA and UK. In UK, this supplier gives you 200 ports with 20 cps but in USA this supplier gives you 2000 ports and 200 cps. When you will add this supplier in dial plan, you can set limit in base of destinations and not in overall.
Also it will not sent an overflow of calls to this supplier.


External media gateways

While some system gives you limit number of calls to proxy media, such problems is solved by us that we can give an unlimited capacity of calls that can handle media (CRTP). All media servers are managed by us with failover and backups, that means that the downtime of Media servers is almost 0. Our infrastructure is based in two powerful system : RtpProxy and RtpEngine.


Redis cache

Redis is a process that these days is a MUST to be used in the high requests systems. It’s powerful cache help the system to get fast response for different queries.


Multiple server deploy in base of location

As we are giving the system only in cloud, every customers can choose a location between EUROPE, USA, ASIA to choose where the signaling and the Media must be proceed. Default we are offering Europe as location for systems.


Huge call and CPS processing

In a different from other systems, our system is based in Kamailio per SIP processing, B2bua for Topology Hiding. This gives the opportunity to give the freedom of huge number of calls processing and huge call per second (CPS) processing. Working in such a lite systems, the values of ports and cps that we give are realistic and in different from other system that do not offer the realistic values, we keep our promises to these values.

Different currency for Clients, Suppliers and Rates

The system offers different currency choices for each Clients, Suppliers and different Rates based on their preference and ease of work.


Automatic Invoice creation in base of dynamic periods

Invoices are automatically created by the system. The default configuration generates dynamic periods for each invoice in order to provide as much information as it can to be helpful in data analysis.


Automatic Invoice Email to customers

For each customer there are invoices which are generated based on periods of time and usage. Each of these Invoices will be generated automatically to your email of choice.


Automatic Rate notifications to clients – Tech Prefix or Quality based

Rate may change and you deserve to know each detail in real time whether is Tech Prefix or quality based, you will receive automatic Rate notification to stay up to date.


Dynamic Rate notifications Templates

The system provides different Templates for clients which also include Dynamic Rate notifications for you to stay up to date with the latest Rates.


Automatic Rates Import from configured email inbox

You can now easily import Rates in your configured email box, everything is done automatically, you just need to set your preferred email and you’re good to go.


Unlimited Trunk creation for each customers and suppliers

In our system there is no limit for creation of Trunk / Gateway. This means that a Supplier and/or Client can have as much gatways/trunks that is needed, no limit is set on creation.


Copy of created Trunk for fast creation

If a client and/or supplier have multiple Ip address, for faster creation, there is the option of Copy Gateway that will create the new gateway same as copied one. This will make the process of adding new IP faster.


Unlimited Routing creation for clients

Our system offer an unlimited number of Routing Groups per clients.

Unlimited Dialplan creation

Whether you are planning to create a few or many Dialplans will not be a problem, now you have unlimited DialPlan creation, feel free to add as much as you need. 


Multiple Reports with filters

Our system gives the possibility to get multiple reports for clients and suppliers, so each customer of switch can get a full view of each report needed.


First system to manage ports and cps in base of destinations in dialplan

You heard it here first, the first system to allow such feature and being innovative in softswitches platform where you can manage ports and cps in base of destinations in dialplan.


Automtic paypal payments

The system offer Paypal API to connect at, so the clients can make payments automatically from the system without thinking for commissions as they are automatically deducted.


Paypal Approvement payments

With this feature you can check first the payments in Paypal and then you can Approve payment of paypal, default is disabled.

Enable/Disable Paypal payments for different users

This feature allows you to allow/disallow some clients to pay with paypal. If a client is suspicious for Paypal payments, you can disallow this type of payment.


Prepaid invoice creation while adding payments

There is also a prepaid invoice type. You can create a prepaid invoice while adding your payment methods. It’s easy and convenient.


Multiple User level creation

Every switch customer, can create different groups where these groups have different permissions in the switch. Everything is clear during creation process.


Unlimited Agents who manage their clients (same as resellers)

Each agent can have a different group, this means that different agents can have different access. Also agents can be configured as reseller that they can manage their own clients.


Automatic Agent Profit calculation in base if percentage given to agent

If an agent is configured as reseller and you want to give bonus of margin %, you can set during setup of agent and also you need to set margin % that this agent will. The value of agent profit is calculated in real time during days and also a month calculation. Agents can manage only his own clients and he can manage also whole clients.

Automatic SIP – Trace for each calls (PCAP)

Packet Capture for Sip sessions are stored and kept for 2 days for each calls. This would help to manage better the issues and problems if a customer have.

Automatic Media – Trace for each calls (Media – PCAP)

If RTPProxy is choosen from clients, for every call, every customer will get rtp trace in pcap format so it can be debug in wireshark.


Automatic information for MOS/Jitter and packet loss

Coming soon…..


Full Rtpproxy and RtpEngine(for transcoding perpouse) support

Coming soon……


Full Kamailio Based SBC

A lot of features offered use Kamailio Based SBC to offer the best solution for each use.


High performance on call processing

Keep expecting and be surprised. There is never enough and our powerful high end servers with perfectly coded system offer the highest performance for your services.


Huge CPS processing

Our servers and system are coordinated to have the capability of huge CPS processing.


Different Cache for system optimization and fast response

The system uses optimized cache algorithm to provide full system optimization and fast response on requests made.


Real Time ASR / ACD Calculation for clients / suppliers

This feature gives you realtime statics for current day for basic stats for clients and suppliers.


Real Time Profit Calculation for clients

The system calculate in real time the profit daily and monthly for overall calls.


Overall System CPS calculation

This feature gives you the possibility to check in real time how much is Call per Second that the system is processing.


RegExp for dialplan creation

For complex dialplan creation, the rules to create a dialplan is a fully RegExp rule. It is powerful and very fast processing.

BCC account for emails while sending Rate Notifications or Invoices

While sending every email to clients, to be sure that the email has been delivered, you can set a BCC account while sending email and so you will get no complain from clients that the email has not been sent.


Automatic Low Balance notifications

Now you can not forget to refill your account with low balance notifications, a feature available to provide ease of work for its clients.


Automatic Daily/Monthly Revenue / Cost and Profit

The system make full calculation per day and per month. This will help on daily targets and on monthly targets too.

DTMF Report:
for clients that have choose to work on RtpEngine, the system will give the DTMF log for each call, including a total DTMF logs in daily basis.
This feature help clients that works on IVR traffic to check if the route have Call Back or not.

A-Number Validation:

This feature will check for A-Number is manipulated or not. Mostly vendors add surcharge for manipulated A-Number. The system will check automatically if activated for A-Number manipulation and it will block the call if number is manipulated.

It will work only if you add prefixes to be checked and only if the call is Local ANI. Example:
if Italian prefix : 39 is set to be validated, if A-Number start with 39 it will check if A-Number and B-Number is 39XXXX it will check if A-Number is manipulated, else if A-Number start with 49 (Germany) and B-Number is 39XXXX it will not check as in this case it is not a local ANI call.


Multicurrency System with automatic conversation update

Such feature is offered to give the opportunity to set automatic and/or manual rate conversation so you will be protected if a rate conversation is changed. Usually you will need this feature when you Buy/Sell in different currencies. You would have an European Supplier that you would be buy in EUR as currency and an USA Client that you would sell in USD as currency. The system will calculate in automatic mode the conversation EUR/USD.
If the conversation is set to be automatic, it will choose from internal servers of XE the conversation 1 time every 24 hours. If you will set Manual you will need to edit the conversation daily or keeping e fixed conversation rate. Default value is Enabled Automatic.

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